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elcome to LouCastle.com, the website that will help you learn to use an Ecollar.  

This site is devoted to dog training. Primarily it's about using the Ecollar. There are "how-to" articles here that will teach you how to use an Ecollar to train your dog, even if you've never before trained a dog! There are general training articles to help you with common problems that occur with dogs. There's an attached forum to discuss questions that you have about how your training is going and to discuss problems that arise. There are places to display photos of your dog. The Forum is a place to discuss anything related to dogs or dog training. Any dog training tool or method is open for discussion there, from clickers to Ecollars to pinch collars.

There are many ways to use an Ecollar, but this site is about "softer" uses of them, at low levels of "stim," to teach, train, and proof dogs. If you already use Ecollars you can learn new techniques and improve your work. The methods described in the articles have been refined through years of using them on dogs of dozens of breeds, of all ages, and for dozens of issues.

This is NOT the correct place to have "the Ecollar debate" where people who oppose the tool rant about how "abusive" anyone is who uses the tool. If that's what you're interested in, go somewhere else.


NOTE: If you're using a mobile device to view the site, please read "News" at the bottom of this page.

If you're having trouble trying to join the forum please email me by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Lou


've been training dogs since 1979. I started out as a police K-9 handler for a medium size police department in the Los Angeles area. After my dog retired I became the in-house trainer for the department for the next 15 years or so, until I was injured on the job and had to retire.

Now I train pets, Police Service Dogs and SAR dogs. I also serve as a legal consultant on K-9 matters and as an instructor at K-9 seminars across the U.S. and in Europe.


Lou Castle Seminar


here is no better way to learn to use an Ecollar, or to troubleshoot your K-9 training, than a Lou Castle seminar. Discover the methods you, your department, or your group, can use to increase your efficiency and eliminate training problems.

Lou Castle seminars are custom tailored to your needs. From training problems, to behavioral issues, to specific training needs, let me show you how fast and easy it is to make progress.



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